Monday, October 8, 2012

tale of a contest freak... part i

Everyone seems to know me a contest-holic, or freak.
And i really don't know how i could end up to be so addicted.
Maybe because of the joy, the fun, and the satisfaction...

Well, tracking back on how this syndrome attacked me in the very first place, 
i gotta say, it was my mum who made me vulnerable to the virus.
As far as i could remember, i was probably 7 or 8 at that time.
My mum forced me to rep my school in a malay story telling competition.
Days i kept refusing but it was really tough to go against my mum, so i had to.
That's the bad thing to be schooled at school where your mum teach.
I couldnt recall the title of  my story but surprisingly, for a first timer, i killed the zone level.
And the prize was just a box of colouring pencil..hahahah really funny.

Hahah, try to guess what costumes i used to wear during my days.

Being a champion wasnt a really good thing at all 
because later i realized i gotta rep my zone in district level.
Ouchhhh i'm screwed.
Honest to say, i didnt prep well, stutter here and there, 
then i took home consolation prize..ok laaa.

Done and i was so thinking it ended there.
Luck wasnt always on my side.
Months, years, later, mum put me to contest in few other story telling.
From malay, to english, to religion.
Then from story telling, to public speaking, to poem reciting, to karaoke, to poster drawing.
Enough said, she would put me in almost every competitions every contests
held either at school level, zone level or district level.

Despite the reality being forced,
I did actually enjoyed that life.
Won several competitions was really awesome.
At school level, i was kinda unbeatable. The strongest contender  i always had was my sister.
At district level, i was quiet well-known among another contestants.
And my fav moments would be announced fourth in story telling comp, state level.
But my highest achievement at primary school life was actually state level champ in lalulintas comp.
Hahaha sounded cocky but that was true.
Being the one who kept hogging the school limelight, 
made my parents, teachers, friends and school proud of my achievements,
turned me like a young kid superstar.

Hahahaha even how proud i am right now, 
the truth is that era has ended long time ago.
But i dont put myself to a fullstop there.
I push myself to continue to win and win and win.

Well this tale aint end here, 
but will be continued......

Thanks mum.

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