Monday, October 8, 2012

tale of a contest freak... part i

Everyone seems to know me a contest-holic, or freak.
And i really don't know how i could end up to be so addicted.
Maybe because of the joy, the fun, and the satisfaction...

Well, tracking back on how this syndrome attacked me in the very first place, 
i gotta say, it was my mum who made me vulnerable to the virus.
As far as i could remember, i was probably 7 or 8 at that time.
My mum forced me to rep my school in a malay story telling competition.
Days i kept refusing but it was really tough to go against my mum, so i had to.
That's the bad thing to be schooled at school where your mum teach.
I couldnt recall the title of  my story but surprisingly, for a first timer, i killed the zone level.
And the prize was just a box of colouring pencil..hahahah really funny.

Hahah, try to guess what costumes i used to wear during my days.

Being a champion wasnt a really good thing at all 
because later i realized i gotta rep my zone in district level.
Ouchhhh i'm screwed.
Honest to say, i didnt prep well, stutter here and there, 
then i took home consolation prize..ok laaa.

Done and i was so thinking it ended there.
Luck wasnt always on my side.
Months, years, later, mum put me to contest in few other story telling.
From malay, to english, to religion.
Then from story telling, to public speaking, to poem reciting, to karaoke, to poster drawing.
Enough said, she would put me in almost every competitions every contests
held either at school level, zone level or district level.

Despite the reality being forced,
I did actually enjoyed that life.
Won several competitions was really awesome.
At school level, i was kinda unbeatable. The strongest contender  i always had was my sister.
At district level, i was quiet well-known among another contestants.
And my fav moments would be announced fourth in story telling comp, state level.
But my highest achievement at primary school life was actually state level champ in lalulintas comp.
Hahaha sounded cocky but that was true.
Being the one who kept hogging the school limelight, 
made my parents, teachers, friends and school proud of my achievements,
turned me like a young kid superstar.

Hahahaha even how proud i am right now, 
the truth is that era has ended long time ago.
But i dont put myself to a fullstop there.
I push myself to continue to win and win and win.

Well this tale aint end here, 
but will be continued......

Thanks mum.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

helluva joy...i'm back

hoyeahhhhhh..after 1 year and plus plus bein dormant..
now i'm finally back here..

for the whole long period, it wasnt me dont want to write sth literally..
but just me bein lazy to write technically..
or maybe i lost the passion of writin and sharin some craps..hahah..

but for a real brand new blog post, just wait..
there's few things stuck in my mind right now..

damn!!!! now you surely regret your few mins checkin this post kannnn..hahahahah

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

that ramadhan i won't forget to remember #1

alhamdulillah. finally ramadhan comes again this year. every time ramadhan comes, there will be several things would come across my mind. it is all about the past ramadhan. for this post, i want to recall the experience of my first time fasting in ramadhan.

looking back at the past, i started to learn to fast when i was seven. that time i was in primary one. i can't clearly remember whether i began fasting on the first of ramadhan or few days later. but the person who keep encourage me to start fasting in ramadhan is surely kaklong. what i can remember, it wasn't bad at all to be fasting. i would be lie if i tell that i didn't feel hungry but for seven years old child to stay fasting, i still could stand to wait until maghrib. and for beginner at that time, people around including me myself never expect me to completely fasting for thirty days in a row. but surprisingly, i still manage to fast for 23 days. 7 days off for 7 years old kid. haha. aidilfitri on that year was very meaningful to me cause i puasa during ramadhan. funny what, children will always be children. i still remember how proud am i to boast around with family, relatives and friends. hoho

later a year had gone. the cycle made me met ramadhan again. since i was eight at that time, only two thoughts stayed in my mind. either to complete fasting for 30 days cause i've grown or it is okay to just fast for 22 days, 8 days off for 8 years old child. hahah. both were my targets where i should achieve one of them. as i grow, the laziness inside me and my wisdom grow too. i felt so lazy to wake up for sahur and fasting. my wisdom that for sure mostly everyone had encountered when they were younger, drinking tap water while taking shower. omg, when the water ran through my throat, the feeling of relieve was indescribable. haha like i mentioned, children will always be children. despite all those matters, i still fasting for many days. after minus the days i sneaking to drink tap water, i didn't achieve any of my early goals. neither 30 days nor 22 days.  precisely i didn't remember but it was within 24-26 days. still better than my first year of fasting. hahah

Saturday, June 18, 2011

MAGICAL MUSICALS totally magical acts...

It was the night where i could dance and sing my heart out. Experienced Magical Musicals performance at Ampitheatre in Sunway Lagoon was a superb and surprising moments for me. Thanks to the show cause it totally brought me way to Times Square felt like watching Broadways. To add the glitters to the show, it featured more than 30 songs from numbers of musicals like Hairspray, Grease, Moulin Rouge!, Mamma Mia!, Dreamgirls, Saturday Night Fever, West End Story, Footloose, We Will Rock You, Wicked, and even the current phenomenal Glee.

The story revolved when six aspiring actors were determine to make a great debut in Broadway. They headed to New York for the audition. There were Megan and Danny, married couple from Seattle, Amber and Josh the lovebirds and also Stephanie from Baltimore who met Ryan at the audition before their love story bloomed.

Don't Stop Me Now
The show kick off with the rendition of Don't Stop Me Now from We Will Rock You. Later Stephanie stepped up to show her talent with my favourite sixties song from Hairspray, Good Morning Baltimore. Wahhh my mouth can't stop singing to her. Then, Danny and Megan get their chances alone to sing and express their past love in Tonight (West Side Story) before Amber and Josh took the stage with Grease's You're The One That I Want and Summer Nights.

Good Morning Baltimore
Ryan was a little bit down when Stephanie explained that she was Holding Out For A Hero in her life. Ryan need to his time to Footloose so he could loose a bit and Megan and Danny stole the night with As Long As You're Mine and Defying Gravity from Wicked with a spectacular lighting when beautiful sporadic blue lights shot the whole ampitheatre just like we're part of it.

I love the blue lights
Besides that, there was a PG13 scene where the hunky male dancers were dancing topless to steamy I Need A Hero by the girls. Hahaha it was funny to think about it when all the girls watching were screaming like hell. To spice up the show, it wasn't just Broadway songs were there, because surprisingly they belted out to Jai Ho with intriguing fire dancers. Hell everyone was singing and tapping their feet too.Oh another favourite song of mine. The first show end with four male extras playing bhangra.

Jai Ho
The second half of the show started with 5 years later they all were succeed in Broadway business. The girls were the stars for the hit Dreamgirls. What do I love, they later sang both renditions of One Night Only, slow and fast numbers. Danny and Josh couldn't believe that after this five years, Ryan still hasn't pop out the question to Stephanie. Ouchh.

Later at the night club, the boy started with Night Fever. Whoa feeling like watching Elvis Presley. Stephanie who has a crush on Ryan ask him If I Can't Have You. Danny and Josh urged Ryan to propose Stephanie but then he don't had the gut to do so and leave her in despair singing to Reflections. And when Amber and others were singing to The Elephant Love Medley only Ryan got the courage to ask her through the big screen, ''Will you marry me?''.

Night Fever
The happy cast then hit the Glee-ful night with Don't Stop Believin' before Stephanie did the Rachel style og Don't Rain On My Parade. Then OMG, my favourite mash up of Umbrella/Singing In The Rain and they danced with glow in the dark umbrella gave a very beautiful scene. Then the male leads took the stage with We Will Rock You and We Are The Champion.

Umbrella/Singing In The Rain

We Are The Champion

The show ended with songs from Mamma Mia! and the dancers climbed up to the audiences and searched for their Dancing Queen. Hahaha what a beautiful show.

Mamma Mia!

Though it was a great show, but then still got few weaknesses. One thing I felt like cheated was the posters of the show portrayed young budding actors but then the show was leaded by thirty plus actors. And some of the songs didn't suit their voices. But still, i gave two thumbs up for the magical moments and rated 4 stars out of 5.

Peeps, Magical Musicals will run until July 17. So what are you waiting up. Got your tickets at with tickets price range at RM100, RM200, RM250 and RM300.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

what a heroic Pak Nil

yepp for the first time in my life i bought harian metro. aroused by today's headline made me want to spend myr1.50 on that i-never-like newspaper.

the headline ''Pak Nil hero''. oh what had he did to be acknowledged as a hero? OMG, he just save a life when a guy was about to commit suicide and help him clear his debt with a loan shark by paying myr1000.

it all started when aznil was conducting his segment on radio era between 6am to 10am. a guy sen an sms thru the programme 'merisik khabar, riuh pagi', believed to be his last will for his family. aznil who was shocked when received that sms, quickly called him. that guy had prepared poison for him to drink before he jump from a high building. aznil tried his best to persuade and calm him. and what aznil did was a success.

that guy was actually depressed after he and his family being hunted by the loan shark for the past eight months. he was in the dead end don't know what else to do.

aznil just give him a new lease of life. a brand new hope. huh, amazing lahhhhh

Sunday, June 5, 2011

is that what we call jodoh...

yesterday i was on board to get home. i took lrt at hang tuah station and stood at the door. no seats available. had my mr.momo on my back, i put on my headphone listening to dr.dre. when it stopped at pudu station, there was a leng lui hopped in and stood next to me.

aishhhh i can't stop staring. she had a monster bag too. ouchh sama larhhh. mine is dark brown, hers black. i named it mrs. momo lah. we were standing facing each other so she didn't realize mine (she faced the door). and as for coincidence, i saw there was a ring of keychain yang dah putus at the bag zip. mine pon ada, so i won't throw away that ring. hahahah what did i do? smile and smile and smile until bts station la. she pun pelik looking at me hahaha.

when the train was about to arrive, i turned around to face the door and stood next to her. mr. momo pun next to mrs. momo la. sweet kan. i jumped off, walked three steps and turned my face back, ohhh she lost in the pool of people rushing in and out of the train............amoi tu....kalau jumpe lagi...???

wed ain't wednesday...

yeahh by the title, i got your attention now. don't tell me that i'm stupid to deny wed is the abbreviation for wednesday but what i want to mention is that wed stands for world environment day. yeahh this year wed fall on june 5. so what did you do for your environment?

actually, what i did on this day is just going out to bukit bintang. hahah. it was niki cheong who made me out. he was with other celebs to spread awareness in conjunction with wed. at 1.45, a bus stopped in front of lot 10 drew lots of attention. then, a group of musician start pumping the day with grooves and beats from the bin cum drum. more attention. and niki was shouting and shouting and shouting. other celebs waved their placards which i can't remember even one hahah. but what i remember they shout, "no plastic bag!", "recycle!". then they started handing out ecobag with tshirt, cap and tumbler. i went to get it from niki. hahahah when he saw me, ''hey, you made it here..". yalah for free items. goshhh. jangan jelez i got them.
t-shirt, cap, ecobag, tumbler

later there was another kind of celebration. this time by upm students. they asked us to write a pledge card then they would snap our pic for their picture liking contest on facebook. just do it for fun and for another goodie bag. hahahah. what do you see below? a very bad drawing. wondered to draw a bike, the organizer asked me ''fixie?''. but then, where is the pedals i don't know. and only idiot drew the handle tooooo far from the seat hahah. but what did i wrote sounds cool larr. the message came out of sudden. so i'll try my best to do it (cycle).
let's reCYCLE...reduce carbon emission!

then window shopping la since i got no money to spend on clothes and shoes. but i found what i wanted so i'll hunt for them next time. ehhh i jumpe ultraman cosmos and ultraman mebius wowww. uishhhh not being a kiddo but ultraman tuuuuu. and to add more fun, i didn't bring camera. oh sengal, wish i'd capture those moments.

p/s: don't ask me who niki cheong, but if you insist to know, ask the animal called google yerrr